A Tree


A fresh sapling,
young and new,
grows among its ancestral kin.

Their roots join to form
an ancient web of communication,
sharing nutrients through
their communal networks.

Symbiotic relationships,
tree root and fungi combine.
A complex grid exists
beneath the forest floor.

The sapling rises to the light.
Its branches extend toward
the sun's illumination.

It will struggle to survive
in the dense woods
among its ancestral kin.

The sapling will adapt,
as living things tend to do.
Perhaps it will outlive the rest.


Spring Time

It’s an inspiring, fresh sit outside and write kind of day. Nature’s colors are vibrant, and I’m reminded of some of my favorite poets- Frost, Blake, Wordsworth, Thomas, Tennyson.

The sky is bright, except for clusters of nomadic clouds moving in, momentarily obscuring the sun and providing some shade and relief from the heat. Tiny brown Warblers fly past as if I were a statue to them, hopping and dancing at my feet until the slightest movement by me alerts them of my presence.


I was trying to capture two birds playing in the grass but the sun was obscuring my camera screen. If you squint you’ll see them.


I sat on a bench beside this tortoise for an hour before a little girl pointed him out. Proof that as adults we forget to notice the small interesting gems that dress up the scenery. He’s mighty cute.