White House Petition

White House Petition

Hello dear readers,

As you may have noticed, I don’t get political here at A Wordsmith’s Brainworks. I like to keep things light and mostly related to my life, my writing, and reading. But occasionally, I get froggy. And I’ve never been froggy and not l leapt. It’s not in my nature. Sometimes I leap right into the mouth of a predator, but I always manage to escape relatively unharmed.

Anyway, I think we as a nation need to be more amalgamated. Are we not all Americans? Regardless if by birth or by immigrating, are we not all effected by our leaders’ choices? Do we not choose to pay their salaries, and expense accounts to boot?

Our nation is in a financial crisis, and as usual, the things being cut are essential services, social services, homeland security services (which includes disaster preparedness), social security, medicaid, and early learning programs; the list goes on. But why then are we – we the tax payers of the United States – being given the short end of the proverbial stick when our leaders are living high on the hog, on our dollars? Shouldn’t the fiscal cuts start from the top? Should the congress and senate be allowed to vote themselves a raise without our say so? We pay them. We work hard to keep this nation running-regardless of party affiliation. 

I feel that we must stand united, people. Our government wants to distract us with inane issues while they rob us and take away essential services. We shouldn’t allow it. They are employed by us, the people. 

I am asking all of you, as Americans, to sign my petition to reduce the pay of senators, congressmen, and the president, and to also eliminate their expense accounts. I can’t pretend to know how much money will be saved this way, but I’m sure it will make a large impact on our nation’s debt.

I worked as a public servant for many years, and the people had to vote on whether or not their taxes increased for our pay, however we don’t even vote on the raises congress and senate gives to themselves. Why is that?

Please sign the petition. We are a nation divided, and we will fall, if we do not stand united.

Thank you for hearing me out. Please sign. We need 100,000 signatures.


Cursive Curse


Today I was speaking to someone about her son’s switching schools. She was explaining that she and her husband moved him from a public school to a private one. Apparently, the new school requires all of its students to write their classwork and homework in cursive. We discussed the necessity of learning cursive, or rather the significance of it.

As a person who loves writing, it’s difficult for me to admit that I really don’t see the significance in learning cursive. It’s a good skill to know, to be well-rounded and all. But is it really necessary to force students to use only cursive and to give them bad marks or refuse their work if they don’t? I had difficulty learning it, and frankly, my penmanship is deplorable (as illustrated in my last blog post ). Do you know anyone who writes in perfect cursive?

I do. This chick is a beast when it comes to cursive writing. She also happens to read this blog. I don’t think she’s human; she’s more like some otherworldly goddess of script. Her penmanship is so perfect, I’m pretty sure she went through some kind of writing boot camp. I can’t even describe it. Every letter is the same height and width. Each word isn’t just between the lines but actually on the line. It’s unreal. Maybe she’s a robot.

Barring this otherworldly goddess of script robot friend of mine, I haven’t known anyone whose cursive writing is even legible. Most people’s penmanship looks like a serial killer’s confession letter.


And then there’s typing. I don’t agree with relying on technology or machines without learning to be self-sufficient in certain areas. But since the advent of the typewriter, our need to learn perfect penmanship has become increasingly antiquated.

I love writing, and I can’t over-emphasize the importance of learning to write. However, in this writer’s humble opinion, learning to print efficiently would be much more effective. At least then we would all be able to actually read what others have written.