A Cat Named Stew

Stewie The Cat

Hair everywhere
Ran away
But it’s still there
Fat cat crying
Hurricane Katrina survivor
Feline PTSD sufferer
Thirty days gone
We thought the dog ate yer
Ran out the door
Always scared of your own shadow
Never been outside before
You were courageous that day though






photo (1)

For several days over the last couple of weeks, I’ve come across the topic of Faust via different forums: Facebook, Twitter, etc. Anyway, this recurrence has reminded me of an occurrence that took place  when I was 15. My mom took me and a friend to a book store in an area mall, I forget which one. I’d just finished reading most of The Vampire Chronicles in which Faust is referenced many times. So, I wanted to read Faust. I really enjoy books that lead me onto other things, that reference classic literature or themes about which I can learn. One thing I enjoyed about Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles was her use of geography. I even did a report for my sophomore geography class, a project that required us to read a book and describe the different places written about in it, on The Vampire Lestat (I was already reading it at the time, so I figured, What the hell?).

This graphic novel is in pieces. It once belonged to my dear friend who is now deceased. It's one of the few keepsakes I have from her. Most others, including all photos, were destroyed in the hurricane.
This graphic novel is in pieces. It once belonged to my dear friend who is now deceased. It’s one of the few keepsakes I have from her. Most others, including all photos, were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.
photo (4)
Is it apparent how many times I’ve read this book?

At any rate, I asked the bookstore clerk about Faust, as I wasn’t able to find it on the shelves. He rudely advised me I should have come as soon as I’d gotten my book list because they’d run out from other students buying them up. I was so confused, and I asked what he was talking about. He asked me if I were buying the book for school. I said, “No, I’m buying it for myself.” His response, “Wow, impressive.” I still took him for a dumbass.

The aforementioned book
The aforementioned book

Epilogue: He ordered the book, and I read it. Then a pen pal of mine sent me copy of the book written in both English and German, as I was studying German at the time. I still have both copies. They survived Hurricane Katrina in a plastic Rubbermaid container that, although it weighed at least a hundred pounds, floated inside my house. All of my books were left unscathed.

This container survived, as did my books inside it. Unfortunately, I lost many others that weren't in the container.
This container survived, as did my books inside it. Unfortunately, I lost many others that weren’t in the container.


My husband actually discovered them, and my cat, just a day after I’d written in my journal how I wished my books and my cat had survived. It was 33 days later. The cat has since run away, but the books remain.

Stewie the Cat, who suffered from PTSD after Hurricane Katrina and ran away just before Christmas of 2011.
Stewie the Cat, who suffered from PTSD after Hurricane Katrina and ran away just before Christmas of 2011. This photo was taken in the trailer we lived in after the hurricane.

Terror-ific Tales

Happy Halloween! The most wonderful day of the year. It’s almost sad the Halloween season has come to an end. (Well, it doesn’t really have to end, does it? Some of us prefer to be delightfully frightful all the time.)

Started the afternoon with the original shock rocker, the wonderfully horrifying and deliciously frightening Mr. Alice Cooper on the iPod. So glad he’s still touring because maybe one day I’ll get to see him live. I’m keeping the nightmare alive.

Unfortunately, we’re confined to the hospital room today, but we’re satisfying the spirits with some Tim Burton classics and enjoying the decorations.

I’m working on another scary story to share tonight. You can read more about it here. (P.S. The frightful fun isn’t going to end just because Halloween has passed. I’m going to continue to share my own and accept your stories. >;8} )

But aside from sharing my scary stories with everyone, I’d like to share some unnerving Halloween entertainment with you. Some of my favorite books and haunting tales.

1) Anything by Poe. Really. Just anything. But if you’d like something more specific, some of my favorites:

– Premature Burial. I had this story on tape (yes, tape), and hearing it read was way more terrifying than reading it. This story is scary stuff.

– Masque of the Red Death. “There was much of the beautiful, much of the wanton, much of the bizarre, something of the terrible, and not a little of that which might have excited disgust.” Enough said.

-The Tell Tale Heart. In case you’re not familiar with this story, it involves murder, severe anxiety, and pulling up a few floor boards.

-The Black Cat. One of my favorites as a kid. I’ve always loved cats. Apparently, Poe’s characters didn’t, but they loved walling or holing people inside of things.

-The Pit and the Pendulum. What’s scarier than the Spanish Inquisition?

-The Raven. A classic. Needs no explanation.

2) Stephen King. Same as Poe. Just about anything the King of Horror has produced will induce fear. But again, I’ll share some of my favorites.

-Salem’s Lot. What? Vampires are really nightmarish creatures that want you to die in a horrible manner or else turn you into a demon-like monster like themselves? No sparkles here. Scary as hell.

-Pet Sematary. If Fluffy or Boo Boo kicks the bucket, just let them go. Seriously. You don’t want to know the alternative.

-Misery. Because being a writer isn’t terrifying enough.

-Gerald’s Game. A good example of why bondage is not a good idea in a secluded setting.

-Night Shift. Collection of short stories including The Lawnmower Man, Jerusalem’s Lot, Trucks, and Children of the Corn.

I could go on forever . . . Or at least for several hours or maybe a day.

3) Samuel Taylor Coleridge

-The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. If you think this tale is just a bunch of hooey you learned in 12th grade lit class, think again. This poem involves sailors lost at sea, death, a curse, a ghostly vessel manned by a nightmarish woman (“Life-in-Death, was she”) and Death, and living corpses.

“They groaned, they stirred, they all uprose,
Nor spake, nor moved their eyes;
It had been strange, even in a dream,
To have seen those dead men rise.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

“The helmsman steered, the ship moved on;
Yet never a breeze up blew;
The mariners all ‘gan work the ropes,
Where they were wont to do;
They raised their limbs like lifeless tools –
We were a ghastly crew.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

4) Mary Shelley

-Frankenstein. I love this story. Forget everything you saw in a Universal Movie when you read it. It’s chilling, sinister, and moving.

There are so many more wonderfully chilling stories and novels available. This is a terribly short list. But it’s a start. Happy haunting boys and ghouls!

Fun On The Interwebs

Since I’ve been out-of-order the last week with a badass virus that still remains unclassified (not the flu because they javelined my brain to test for that one but still rather eviscerating nonetheless) I’ve decided to pop out a quick post to make sure everyone remembers I’m still alive and such. My mind is still recovering and I’ve had trouble thinking of anything too incredibly intellectual, so for what it’s worth, here’s a post about some websites I enjoy when I’m bored (and not working).


As a self-proclaimed word nerd I love this website. Word of the day, quotes, translator, games, and quizzes. Besides being a useful resource,  this site is a ton o fun.

Fuck Yeah Freddie Mercury

Anyone who knows anything there is to know about me knows my love of Queen and their legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury. With great photos, gifs, quotes, and links this blog has everything a Mercury fan could want (barring the man himself, of course). This is a great site and one of my favorites.


Another cool Queen resource chock full of photos, links, and most recent information about the band.

I Can Has Cheezburger

This site needs no introduction. Home of the Internet’s famous LOL Cats, this site has loads of fun time-wasting material-Fail Blog, Memebase, The Daily What, Know Your Meme etc etc etc . . . If you’re bored on the interwebs, this site is the resource for much entertainment.

Why My Blog Needs More Cats

Anyone who’s been on the Internet in the last bazillionty years has surely noticed that it revolves around the feline species. I’m certain there is a main cat headquarters out there from where the entire Internet is generated. Cats are smart. smarter than most some people. And thanks to the ancient Egyptians, they have been evolved to expect the royal treatment.

Not everyone is a “cat person.” Many people dislike them – a lot. I think it’s because a person needs to have somewhat of a submissive nature in order to get cats. They certainly seem to view humans as a subspecies. We feed them, clean their poop, and we wait for just the right moment to give them affection. They let us know if they aren’t in “the mood”,  usually with a scratch, bite, or scratch/bite combo. Cats  have no regard for human beings, our wants, needs, desires, or sleeping patterns. It’s understandable how some folks may not go for that.

On the other hand, there are those of us who adore cats, and we don’t mind bowing to their air of superiority. We provide them with all possible amenities – treats, toys, catnip. They amuse us with their antics, then tell us to go eff off and hide for hours.

At any rate, those of us who love cats probably do so for one main reason – they are so stinking cute! And it’s for this reason I sincerely believe my blog needs more cats.

This is my cat, Stewie. He’s actually my former cat as he ran away from home just before Christmas. Hopefully someone took him in and is cuddling and loving him.

 This is exactly what is looks like. A cat pencil sharpener. What were you thinking?

This is a LOL I made. I’m so clever.

Orion, also one of my former cats. This picture was taken at the animal hospital where he was admitted at the same time I was in the hospital giving birth. He’d eaten a toxic plant. He recovered but then was hit by a car some time later.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the cat gallery. My blog feels complete somehow.