A place for fiction and poetry.

A place to share my thoughts.

And a place to share my writing with you, the readers.

A Wordsmith’s Brainworks isn’t just about the non-fiction, observational ramblings of a mad woman. It’s also about the fiction and poetic ramblings of said mad woman. The original intention of this blog site was to share my writing, so beside my regular blog posts, you can also read my short stories and poetry.

There’s the horror tale “The Haunting of Dr. Peter Keller”, a story about a promise made to a dying friend. The Spinet teaches us not to wander into the woods at night.

I’ve also posted my poems, some new and some old, including “A Poet’s Fond Friend”, “Haiku”, and the jaunty prose-style piece, “Student Tavern Chatter.”

And, don’t pass up the How About a Scary Story? page for some hauntingly frightful fun!

Comments welcome. Thank you for reading.

Short Stories



The Spinet

The Haunting of Dr. Peter Keller


The Baobab Tree

A Poet’s Fond Friend

FTIAT: October Son


Student Tavern Chatter

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