Robot Boy & The Intrusive Interloper


Our suite was open. They even left our flyer for Team Robot Boy up on the peg board. And a sweet message to RB.

I wonder if anyone’s been in the room since we were here last. It’s been a month. Surely, someone has been in our little corner of CHNOLA during our absence. Or maybe not.

At any rate, it was ready for us today when we had to return because RB was running a high fever. We’re glad that if we must be in the hospital, at least we are home. We aren’t on another floor in another room surrounded by staff who are unfamiliar with RB. We’re back with our CHNOLA fam.

Today was the kind of day where everything goes wrong, and it seems you are smote-smotted, smot, smotten? You get the picture. From the moment I woke with a major headache to the sound…

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