20130312-014001.jpgLook at J.J.J.’s face. Peter reveals his identity in the Civil War series. (Because it’s the law, yo.)

OH NO. I wrote a wonderful and lengthy and also mildy hilarious blog post about how much I love the new Spider-Man movie and how Andrew Garfield is a phenomenal Peter Parker and that I look great in red and blue spandex. I also added that although I adore Todd McFarlane’s Torment series, I am glad they chose to go with a more traditional looking Lizard in this movie. But my phone app, MY FUCKING PHONE APP, ate it. It ate it! IT’S GONE FOREVER! It was really great everyone. I swear to God. I just wanted to add that I also love that Denis Leary is in this movie. And that I love Peter Parker and I mourn his passing (ASM #700 if you DON’T know). I want to thank Stan Lee for existing and for creating P.P. With great power… You know the rest…

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