It is with honor that I reblog the following. Deb at The Monster in Your Closet  has allowed me to be a part of her FTIAT (For This I Am Thankful) guest blogger series. She’s allowing me to share my poem October Son as part of this project, and for this and many other things, I am thankful.



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The Monster in Your Closet

Donnell (A Wordsmith’s Brainworks) stumbled upon my blog a few days before I shaved my head for St. Baldrick’s pediatric cancer charity in March. Her comment on one of my posts led me to her blog, where I learned that she’s a writer, a poet and one heckuva woman and mother. Although her posts about her son’s battle with cancer are sometimes hard to read, they also fill me with hope that comes from seeing life not in terms of its inevitable end result but in the goodness of the loving actions we take before then.

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October Son

A Monday born October son,
I felt your unspoiled, neonate skin.
We were three and all complete,
and for it I was thankful.

I, protective as a lioness
sheltering her cherished cub,
watched you grow and thrive;
you flourished well.
And for that I was thankful.

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