A Little Something About a Bunch of Nothing

My son Scoots, aka Doodles, is still sick. He’s been habitually sick since last year when he entered day care- DUN DUN DUN! That microbial house of horrors. It isn’t that I feel the day care is negligent in their cleanliness. I know they aren’t. I’ve witnessed them cleaning the place in the evenings when I go pick up Doodles. It’s not the day care personnel who are spreading the germs. It’s the other kids, and my kid, and all kids everywhere. They aren’t to blame. Little children have no concept that it’s not so great to wipe one’s nose then hold his/her friend’s hand. They like to hug and show affection and that’s fantastic. Except that at least 8 out of 10 of them are harboring some type of bacteria/virus/infectious disease. I am currently at the office secluded in my own Lysol generated force field beside a 40 0z bottle of Germ-X and a bottle of Clorox wipes.  Because Doodles loves his mommy and he loves to give kisses and cough on my face. It’s okay, I surmise. Hopefully, just hopefully, he’ll remember it when I’m past the age of independent living and I require round the clock care. Maybe he’ll pick a real nice home for me. Maybe.

Yesterday we had another trip to the pediatrician’s office; we’ve had so many in the last year that I’ve come to text messaging the nurse to make an appointment. The doctor decided she wanted an x-ray of Scoots’s lungs since he still sounds like he’s brewing espresso.  I’d decided not to wear my work shirt-since I was leaving straight from the appointment to go there-and instead wore a regular t-shirt, assuming that if anything were to get dirty while at a doctor’s appointment with a 2 year old whose facial orifices were leaking all sorts of nasty it would be the article covering the top of me. The lab is next door to the doctor’s office and getting there requires walking through a grassy area that at first glance seemed completely dry, but halfway through it, I realized I was up to the ankles in sloshy mud. Thank you Eris.

Needless to say, I had to go to work with muddy wet shoes and muddy pants, however my shirt was completely clean-thank you very much. You may ask why I didn’t just go home to change, but that’s because my house is 30 minutes from the doctor’s office and my job is 60 minutes from my house. And I was already 2 and 1/2 hours late. Really I should have just gone home and hid in my bed.

On the up side I didn’t spill ALL of my drink on the floor of my vehicle when I pulled into the parking lot, and my shoes only stayed wet for a little while.