Why I Don’t Support Internet Censorship

I would first like to clarify that I do not now nor have I ever supported any type of censorship. As a writer I feel it is against my character. I don’t believe in banning books. I don’t believe in censoring music. I am a parent, and I do believe it is my, and only my, responsibility to control what my child does and does not see, hear, and read. And I feel it is my responsibility to explain to him and teach him about those things he may encounter that I wish he wouldn’t. I cannot shield him from life.

I support SOPA Strike and other efforts to stop the passage of the act and the prevention of the passage of PIPA. I do feel if made law these two acts would give the government too much control over what we see, read, and hear as a society. I fully support the First Amendment and I support anyone’s right to exercise that right, even if I do not agree with the individual’s opinions. As Americans I feel it is our right to set an example for nations that may look to us for leadership, and I feel as a free nation there should not be censorship of what information our citizens obtain. These are the type of practices instituted by dictatorships which our nation opposes.

Just because I don’t support SOPA and PIPA does not mean I agree with/participate in/support piracy and copyright infringement. I do not support these things. I don’t want anyone stealing my intellectual property any more than any other artist would. I am very protective of what is mine, and I imagine others are as well. I do agree that piracy should be controlled. I don’t think it can be completely eradicated, but minimized as much as possible.

I’ve been reading that many opponents of SOPA and PIPA are proponents for OPEN (Online Protection & ENforcement of Digital Trade) Act. More can be learned at the website http://keepthewebopen.com/.

I understand many people support the protests against SOPA and PIPA and many oppose it and many more don’t care at all. But we should care. I’ve been reflecting on the virtues and philosophies of our nations forefathers. And I think many if not most of them would also oppose SOPA if this type of incident were to take place during their lives. I can’t imagine Benjamin Franklin was much for censorship and government control of information outlets.

I understand SOPA is to go in front of Congress on January 24th, and I hope they rule in favor of freedom and democracy.

Any one interested in learning more can do so, well, almost anywhere but here are a few helpful links




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