Why My Blog Needs More Cats

Anyone who’s been on the Internet in the last bazillionty years has surely noticed that it revolves around the feline species. I’m certain there is a main cat headquarters out there from where the entire Internet is generated. Cats are smart. smarter than most some people. And thanks to the ancient Egyptians, they have been evolved to expect the royal treatment.

Not everyone is a “cat person.” Many people dislike them – a lot. I think it’s because a person needs to have somewhat of a submissive nature in order to get cats. They certainly seem to view humans as a subspecies. We feed them, clean their poop, and we wait for just the right moment to give them affection. They let us know if they aren’t in “the mood”,  usually with a scratch, bite, or scratch/bite combo. Cats  have no regard for human beings, our wants, needs, desires, or sleeping patterns. It’s understandable how some folks may not go for that.

On the other hand, there are those of us who adore cats, and we don’t mind bowing to their air of superiority. We provide them with all possible amenities – treats, toys, catnip. They amuse us with their antics, then tell us to go eff off and hide for hours.

At any rate, those of us who love cats probably do so for one main reason – they are so stinking cute! And it’s for this reason I sincerely believe my blog needs more cats.

This is my cat, Stewie. He’s actually my former cat as he ran away from home just before Christmas. Hopefully someone took him in and is cuddling and loving him.

 This is exactly what is looks like. A cat pencil sharpener. What were you thinking?

This is a LOL I made. I’m so clever.

Orion, also one of my former cats. This picture was taken at the animal hospital where he was admitted at the same time I was in the hospital giving birth. He’d eaten a toxic plant. He recovered but then was hit by a car some time later.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the cat gallery. My blog feels complete somehow.